Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Easy to Clean Highchair

Yeah!! The new high chair finally arrived. For Jayce and Grahm I used a PegPerego Prima Pappa chair that we bought out of the classifieds (in Sun Valley from John Unser-race car driver). I wanted to love this fancy chair that we got a great deal on, but I had to make a new cover for it. The cover I made was denim, the bad thing was all the puffs and noodles and food would get smooshed into it and then I would have to wash it or it looked gross. Also there were grooves and nooks and crannies for food everywhere. Well needless to say, I begged for a new high chair that would be easy to clean and I found it. It is a Boon high chair with no nooks and crannies and Charlotte looks happy to have a chair. I am grateful that Jason was so sweet and understanding. Its funny how little things can make your day.

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