Friday, May 2, 2008

Welcome to the New Blog

Welcome to the new blog. I hope to be better at blogging, I think I will since I have a new Purpose.
I have a theory about life (one of many). I think that we all are teetering on the top of a mountain, where we work to keep everything balanced and in place. This applies specifically to our attitude, once negative thoughts about anything in our lives enters our thoughts we start to teeter downhill. If we continue with negative thoughts we will find our selves sliding down the mountain.
In our marriages this can lead to divorce (of course there are other reasons that can not be fixed with an attitude change).
With our children it can lead to a yelling house instead of a singing house [There is a story I read once about a child that always wanted to be at his friends house. His mother could not figure out why, the home was not as clean as hers or as nice. He told here it was a singing house which of course only puzzled her more. One day when she was picking him up she heard the mother singing (not very well) and she realized that everyone was happy and singing at this house.]
This blog is dedicated to my husband and my children as a place that I can come to let the joys and wonder of marriage and motherhood be reinforced to keep me balanced at the top of my mountain.
My blog is title Micah C Micah Do, because that is how my life works. I "see" things and then I do them. I will blog about people, things, and ideas that inspire me as a wife, mother, and woman. I hope all who read enjoy. You can still view my old blog jasongearyfamily

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