Thursday, March 5, 2009

Milwaukee Renovation Revisted!!

I thought I would spend the next few posts - showing how far we have come. This is the kitchen. These pictures were taken during the home inspection (so the stuff is not mine!!!)

If You Really Want To Get Freaked Out, Open These Up and Zoom In!!!

You will see grease on the walls, massive spider webs a half century old and caked with grease covering the walls and corner, Cockroach poop and if you are really lucky you might even see a cockroach.

In case you where wondering. Once we realized our new home was Roach infested and covered with roach poop, I decided I could not use that kitchen - no matter how hard I scrubbed. So I politely and ever so gently asked Jason if we could please just throw it all away.
Next time see what it looks like now!!

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