Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break - Marathon!!

Spring Break is probably one of the cruelest school vacations ever. It is way too short and just an exercise in staying motivated. We spent our scanty 7 days (stretched to 10) visiting family.
We left Milwaukee around 8pm on Saturday the 7 .
This was after Jason had spent the day facing his grueling CRDTS Exam (which he passed with flying colors - I think his low score was a 96 - smart and talented men are sexy!!).
We then drove straight through to Idaho, no breakfast, no lunch, no dinner, only potty breaks. We got there about 10pm on Sunday the 8. The kids were so great and easy in the car.

Jason spent the next few days finishing the Damascus Steel Knife I had given him for Christmas. We hung out and made memories. For my Brother-in-Laws' birthday dinner my mom fixed Romanian food - which was yummy. For Jason's birthday dinner we tried our hand at Sushi - really California Rolls. I thought the rice turned out a little too sweet.

After a few days we headed to Utah to visit the Geary's. We celebrated Jason's Birthday again (spoiled much?!?). We hung out, Jenny and Stacey helped entertain the kids - yeah for nieces.

This is a picture of Grahm just before dinner was served. When you are starving and waiting what else would you do?

After we had worn out our welcome we jumped back in the car and headed to Idaho - cuz' I always forget something. Pillows are very important (and I ended up forgetting my sweatshirt in Utah, too.). After eating dinner in Idaho we really headed home.

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