Friday, December 2, 2011

School Projects

I have a hate love relationship with big school projects.  I love them because I get to spend a little more time with my kid working on something together (and the crafter in me enjoys it).  I hate them because, well... they are work and one more thing in my already busy schedule.  We have a had a few this past month.

Jayce was assigned an Indian project.  Jayce wanted to do a poster, the crafter in me hates them.  So, I persuaded Jayce to build a replica of a dwelling.  We of course chose Cherokee (that is the tribe Jason belongs to).  After doing some research we started building.  We had to enlist Jason's help on the construction of the bones of it all.  We tried to not just have it look like a replica, but be built correctly as well.  We were close, but not exact.  I had fun and I think Jason and Jayce did too.

Grahm was assigned to make a vest out of a brown paper bag.  It was part of his costume for their Thanksgiving program.  We made it the day before it was due (of course).  I didn't like the design so I started trying to get it to lay down like a vest should.  We had it looking nice.  Grahm was a little nervous of it after I had verbalized that I had made it wrong.  I offered to get another bag and re-make it correctly (I was even hoping, then it would lay better).  He said no and ran off to play.  Well at 8:00 am the next morning (30 minutes before we need to leave) he announced that he was going to be too embarrassed to wear the vest we had made.  Why did he have to pull that card, why didn't he just say he didn't like it.  So we scrambled to finish packing lunches and made another vest.  At the program I saw lots of different looking vests, the first on would have been fine.  Oh, well.

Jayce was recently assigned to make a clothespin doll.  Why?  I still have no idea.  Jayce chose to make Harry Potter.  This was an easy project and I really was able to stress being careful each step of the way so the final looks good.  Lucky for Jayce his mom has a huge scrap bin and we were able to find black fabric to make a cape.  His teacher tried to keep it!  Now he is hanging on the tree.

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Katie said...

Too cool! Your kids are lucky to have such a creative mom. Looks like they inherited some of her talent:)