Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fort Day!

We had sick kids and a rainy day - what to do?  Build a fort in the living room, of course.  Jayce wasn't sick, but Mom decided to keep him home.  Shows you how much confidence I have in public schools (fort building at home or a day at school - time better spent!).

Do you like Tennyson's flying nun hairdo?

Charlotte wants a pet, badly.  She has narrowed her choices and has left the final decision to me.  The choices in order presented: a Lion, a Giraffe, a Puppy, or a Bear.  hmmmm.  A good selection.


Jen said...

What a great idea! I always go nuts when the kids have to stay home. This would be an awesome way to keep them entertained and to give them their own hideaway that's out of my way;)

P.S. I just saw your comment about Atlas Shrugged. I can't believe it's already out on DVD. I remember when it came out in the theaters (we never could find a time to go see it ourselves), and I was really hoping it would do well. Alas, it didn't look like it was a big hit, but we have to remember who really runs Hollywood...hahaha. It would be cool to have a movie night with you guys and to watch this. Why hasn't Jason read Atlas Shrugged yet?!? Tell him to get on it...ASAP! I just "re-read" it on my iPod (i.e. listened to it) last fall. I would listen to it while I was working out (or sometimes while driving alone), and I can't believe how quickly I got through it that way. Now I know what Mike and I'll be watching this weekend.

KT said...

AWW I love tennysons doo! Sailor is SLOWLY getting some hair! I swear we had just had a fort day at our house when I saw this post...too cute