Monday, November 21, 2011

Blew Her Mind

Charlotte and I were visiting in the car on our way back from the fabric store when she started a discussion about corn on the cob.
First she wanted to know if Tennyson could eat corn on the cob.  I told her she could.  She might not eat much, but would love the buttery mess.
Then she need to clarify that she was talking about corn on the cob and not a hot dog on a stick - corn on a big stick.  She told me how much she loves corn on the cob.
I decided to share this information with her.  I told her how a hot dog we put the hot dog on the stick.  Corn on the big stick grows that way.

It does! she exclaimed with eyes wide.  I giggled.


Mike said...

Wait till she learns about sausage, or lunchmeat. It's hard to comprehend the simplicity of a childs mind. Thankfully they dont get filled with too much cynicism for quite a while. I love the things they say though, mimi told me the other day, "daddy, I'm a female..."

Jen said...

Such a sweet little world Charlotte lives in. Gotta love how those tiny brains work.