Tuesday, November 8, 2011

6.8 Earthquake - No Sweat

About lunch time the house started rumbling and shaking for just a second.  I thought - hmmm - was that an earthquake or did a big truck drive by.  Then about a minute later (probably less) things started really shaking and they weren't stopping.  So I grabbed Tennyson and Charlotte and headed for the dinning table.  About the time we got there it stopped.  I was mildly impressed, things were really moving.  It didn't even rattle my dishes or knock anything off the wall - these concrete houses.  I think grabbing Charlotte and heading for the table freaked her out.  She was very nervous after that.

The boys of course had their own wild moments at school.  Jayce was at lunch and saw a TV fall to one side - so he bailed under the table and other kids followed suit.  Grahm was in the computer lab and he has stories of lights falling and a computer getting broken as they went under the tables.  I think I need some clarification - the teacher didn't give any indication that anything that interesting happened.  Never a dull moment here.


Katie said...

stay safe!!

Jen said...

Oh my goodness! You guys certainly have experienced quite a lot of forces of nature since living. I'm relieved to hear that everyone was safe.