Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We had a good Halloween.  By that I mean - I only had to dress them up twice.  The first time was for festival on base.  It was fun and Jayce went with a friend - and we definitely got the "I am too cool for you" vibe when we tried to say hi.  

Charlotte went as a Black Crow to the festival (Grahm wore it when he was about the same age - Jayce was a Scarecrow).  Then Monday at about noon we were talking and she was telling me how much candy everyone was going to give her because she was going to be so creepy.  I explained to her that the Crow costume wasn't that creepy (unless you are scared of Crows ;)).  She told me she needed blood on her face.  I further explained that with a mask you don't get to have blood on her face.  Well she decided to be a vampire instead.  Grahm was Snake Eyes (from GI Joe).  Jayce as Larten Crepsley from The Saga of Larten Crepsley.  Picture at the bottom.

I made the kids a Halloween lunch.  The boys told me everyone at school was super jealous.  Maybe I will try harder next year.  We had help Trick-or-Treating this year.  So someone younger than Jason and I took the boys off running and they came back with a ridiculous amount of candy.  I think next year I will buy smaller bags.  Charlotte had a friend who went as a witch, they were super cute.

Jason is always so good to carve exactly what the kids ask for.  I would probably say - too hard and stick with the traditional face.

Here is the cover of the Jayce's new favorite book.

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