Monday, February 13, 2012

Deployment to Korea

*****It only took 5 months for me to hog tie Jason long enough to have him help provide captions to his pictures.  ******

Yes - Jason made it home - early!  We were surprised when he called to let me know he was only an 1 hour away (that took about 5 to get here).

Riding on the HSV (High Speed Vessel).  

HSV with about 20 trucks inside and holds up to 800 people.

An MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected).

The individually wrap all of the fruit while still on the trees.

Trying out the Medical Highback HUMV.

Medical Trauma Bay.  Not near as fancy as the ER.

Jason really liked taking pictures of the Blackhawks coming and going. 

Jason went running in the rice fields.

Eating an MRE
Working on patients using an Adal unit.  Set up in a storage room.  Dentistry on the go.

Portable X-ray!

More field setup - sterilizer, distiller...

Super comfy dental chairs.

No explanation needed.

North Korean watching Jason take pictures of him.

South Korean patrol.  The one South Korean stays facing the corner of the building, only keeping half of himself visible to the North Koreans.

This building is half in North Korea and half in South Korea.  This is where they meet for talks.

Kijŏng-dong is a city just inside North Korea from the DMZ (demilitarized zone).  The city is mostly fake.  There are workers to take care of any thing.  North Korea used to broadcast nice invitations to South Koreans to join them.  Later it" switched to blaring, condemnatory anti-Western propaganda speeches, Communist agitprop operas, and patriotic marching music at high volume for up to 20 hours a day".  Read more about it, kind of interesting.

The Bridge of No Return.  At one time was used for prisoner exchanges.  An interesting history.


Jen said...

How interesting to see pictures of Korea. We've had a few Korean friends over the years but never have known much about Korea. I want to know what kind of fruit that is individually wrapped on the plants. So weird to think of a building shared by the N. and the S. Love that picture of Jason being watched by the North Korean while he snaps a picture of him.

Mike said...


thesaxes said...

About the wrapped fruit - some of it is wrapped in bags permeated with pesticide to keep the fruit looking perfect. The new trend is to just use organic pesticides or nothing but the bag to protect the fruit. They do this with apples, pears, and peaches, and produce the most stunning fruit I've ever seen!