Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More Valentines

For Jason, I had 14 gifts delivered to work for him to open every hour.  It included snacks, miscellaneous randomness from the 100 Yen Plaza.

This was my favorite!  The directions tell you to exhale, hold your nose and inhale, and finally make sounds.  Nothing says romance like a funny voice!

 Grahm is starting to single out his favorite gal.  His hints are very subtle.  I love it.

This was my attempt at a fun Valentine lunch for the boys.  The heart shaped egg - I held the egg the wrong direction - so I will have to try that again.  They get excited when I make their lunch special.  I wonder if the Japanese children appreciate it or if it becomes the norm and meaningless?  Hmmm.

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Jen said...

It looks like you went all out for Valentine's Day. How fun to send Jason gifts to open up each hour. There was a really fun store in downtown Minneapolis just down the street from where I used to work that had a lot of unique gag toys. For V-Day one year I filled a bag up to give to Mike. He loved everything in it including an exploding pen. It looked like a regular pen, and when someone removed the cap it would pop really loud (it used the same things you put in pop guns). Mike loved tricking people with it and even made a nephew cry once because it scared him so much. He eventually lost and has spent years searching for a replacement. The things men love!