Sunday, August 12, 2012

Losing His First Primary Tooth


Grahm has finally decided to join the rest of the children his age and lose a tooth.  His first tooth came out on July 30.  He is very proud of the hole in his mouth and looking forward to losing many more.  I am guessing that since he has been slow to loose any teeth and he will lose 7 more in the next few months.  Good thing we don't get much corn on the cob around here.


(I screwed his hair up, I cut it like I do Jayce's.  Trying to decide how to fix it, he doesn't want it shorter.)


Jen said...

Aww, I'm sure he was so proud! Now the rest will probably start falling out all at once. At least that's what happened with Annie and Mimi.

Karisa and John said...

Micah, you know how to do more than one type of boy haircut? Very impressive! All 3 McAllister boys get the same thing every month. I like the idea of differentiating Benson's and Cole's hairdos. People already ask if they are twins.