Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Navy Dental Corps 100th Birthday Ball


This year the Dental Birthday Ball was formal due to it being the 100th Birthday.  It was the best Birthday Ball I have been to yet.

The food was delicious.  The H'orderves, so yummy - the best bruschetta I have had in awhile.  After mingling for awhile we sat down to enjoy our 5 course meal.  I had vichyssoise for the first time.  I like cold potato soup.  Jason didn't enjoy it, but enjoyed the fact that it would have been even more uncomfortable in his jacket with hot soup.

The committee did a fantastic job of decorating and providing entertainment.  The tooth ice sculpture was a nice touch.  The entertainment was Eisa Dancers (more to come on that).  If you remember the opening ceremony from the Beijing Olympics with all the drummers.  It is like that, but a smaller scale.  It is so cool to feel those drums and watch them dance.


Part of the formalities of a Military Ball include toasts after the meal.  There are nine toasts, Jason was asked to do the toast for Family Members.  This is the only toast that you provide the one to two sentences yourself, the others are scripted.  He was fantastic and looked smashing in his Dress Whites.

Here are some pictures of Jason and co-workers, and one with a friend and I.  


Trying to get a good picture at this was like pulling teeth, hehehee.



Jen said...

Y'all look so fabulous! I always had fun at the balls, and it's one of things I miss about the Navy being able to get all gussied up without the kids for an evening. Glad you enjoyed it!

Katie said...

You are such a beautiful, tall drink of water! How neat to get all dressed up and have a nite on the town without kids!!