Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Since its almost Thanksgiving, a Halloween Post


I just seem to be getting further behind with blogging.  I wanted to get the Halloween pictures posted before Thanksgiving, but have been trying to get 2 of my kids to dress up again.  Jayce and Grahm went Trick-or-Treating with friends and I missed getting a picture of them in the middle of the rush.

Jayce and Grahm were dressed as pirates.  Jason even took the boys to the thrift store to get some clothes that he helped turn into pirate clothes.  The boys added their own blood and their own costumes this year (yay!!).

Charlotte of course changed her mind on Halloween.  I have learned that I need to be prepared for her to change.  Originally she wanted to be a fairy, witch, sugar skull, etc... I had her convinced to use an old dance costume of mine because next year it will be too cold to wear it.  Well it was too cold and rainy here this year, so last minute she decided to be a Sugar Skull.


Tennyson was debating between a bunny and Tinker Bell.  We decided on Tinker Bell and then there was no changing her mind after that, even if it was too cold.  We had to layer her up.  I also painted an old pair of pink shoes green and make big pompoms for her toes.  She wore them until it was time to go and then they had to come off, oh well.


You can tell Tennyson was still getting over the flu.

This year we celebrated a little differently, instead of trying to do it all on Halloween we spread it out.  On Monday we had our ghoulish dinner were we name everything something disgusting.  Tuesday we carved pumpkins.  Wednesday they had a Halloween lunch and we Trick-or-Treated that night.


Mummies with blood, fingers and Dracula carrots, ghost cheese, monster mouth apples.

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Jen said...

Cool costumes, cool pumpkins. Love that the girls chose their own costumes.