Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sugared Cranberries, a tutorial


I know I haven't done a tutorial for awhile.  It is not easy to make lots of great things with 4 little ones and living in Okinawa.

Sugared Cranberries have become a fall tradition since I was introduced to them about 8 years ago by a friend of mine.  I love them and usually can eat a few bags of them each fall.  If I was living in the lower 48, I generally make these after Thanksgiving and into December.  However, living in Okinawa demands that it be done much earlier.  The cranberries just don't seem to last as long.

First you will need to gather:
1 bag of fresh cranberries
Sauce pan
Slotted spoon
Cookie Sheet

1.  First you need to wash your cranberries and sort out any bad ones.  They are usually bad if they have soft spots/completely soft or have black/dark spots on them.

2.  Bring to a boil in your sauce pan 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar.  As soon as it boils turn if off and let it cool down.

3.  Once the syrup you made has cooled enough you will add the cranberries.  To check to see if the syrup has cooled enough toss in one cranberry.  If it splits or pops then it is too hot.  You want the syrup as warm as the cranberries can stand without them popping.  It is okay if a few of them pop, but you are not making cranberry sauce.


4.  Let the cranberries steep in the syrup for a few hours or over night (I usually put mine in the refrigerator after awhile and leave it until morning).


5.  Place some sugar in a bowl, 1/4 cup or less at a time.  I usually use regular granulated sugar.  You can use finer sugar or courser sugar depending on the look you like.  Use your slotted spoon and spoon a few cranberries at a time into the bowl and gently shake them around to coat them with sugar.


6.  Place the cranberries on a cookie sheet to dry (I usually leave mine for most of the day or over night) in the refrigerator.


7.  Place in a container to share with friends and family.  Keep refrigerated and enjoy!



Katie said...

so cool Micah! I think I am going to have to try this:) Love those pictures of them all sugary!

Jen said...

Not a fan of cranberries, but those sure do look scrumptious. Maybe we can try it for the thanksgiving feast. Surely, out of 35 people they would get eaten up.

Jackie said...

I haven't made these in a while! They are so good! Nice tutorial!