Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Random Photos

If you are having trouble eating with your chopsticks, use them as a fashion accessory.  The more you have the better!

 photo Randomness_0012_zps8154c350.jpg

Grahm drew this picture of us to illustrate how I am always so mean.  I am saying no and he is saying sorry with tears.  

 photo Randomness_0009_zps46daa124.jpg

This is an awesome Lego ring that he made me one day.  I loved it, just wish I had a place to keep all of their Lego creations.   Next house, next house...

 photo Randomness_0008_zpsfb93b348.jpg

I caught my girls snuggling their Dad one afternoon.  I think nap time was over, but just getting started for Jason.  I don't think he got a nap.

 photo Randomness_0003_zpsfe5a1458.jpg

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Natalie Jane said...

Aw, lego ring. So sweet!