Monday, January 7, 2013

Ringing in the Year of the Snake

Charlotte and her friend are hanging out by a Japanese New Year decoration outside of Naritasan Temple.  Do you see the snake in the middle?

We decided to spend New Years day following a Japanese custom called Hatsumode.  Hatsumode is the first shrine or temple visit of the year.  We grabbed our friends and we headed to Naritasan Temple to enjoy the festival atmosphere.  There were people visiting wearing kimonos, buying charms.   I love the little girls in kimonos.

Naritasan is also supposed to be lucky for couples who are hoping for a bundle of joy (lucky for us!).

While we were there we ran into friends from church who shared their cotton candy with my vultures.  Oops, I mean children.  I also had fried mochi for the first time.  I am so in love, I will be making some soon.  Of course we had Taiyaki, the fish shaped cakes filled with sweet bean paste.


Happy New Year!


Josh said...

Hey Jason and Micah,

It's Josh Lederer from Great Lakes. The family looks great and it looks like you are expanding!. I ran across your blog while looking for Jason's email address. I wanted to pass mine along so we could catch up. It's jmlederer1@yahoo .com. Hope all is well and I look forward to hearing from Jason.

Jen said...

Looks like a fun time. The Japanese seem to be able to find anything to have a big