Thursday, February 14, 2013

Boys and Valentines

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This year Grahm asked to give a special Valentine to a classmate.  If he had asked me I would have vetoed that immediately without giving it any thought.  He is only in second grade.  I guess that is why kids have 2 parents.  When the question was asked they were grocery shopping and Jason allowed him to bring home a heart shaped box of chocolates.  I was not over joyed at the thought of my second grader giving special Valentines out or how I would feel if that was my daughter.  Then the questions silently came into my mind, what is the right age?  When should a boy start to learn the art of wooing a girl?
With my varied experiences in dating, I would answer the last one - that my second grader should have started years ago.  So, if you have a second grade daughter receiving special valentines please don't freak out or be upset.  Let the boys learn how to do it right.

After that, I set out to do what I could to encourage my 5th grader to give one out as well.  He warmed up to the idea and the next time we were at the store he wanted to pick out a heart shaped box of chocolates.  Now, that I was on board I decided that he need tips on how to pick the right chocolates and not end up giving yucky crap.  Hopefully, I will have boys that will know how to gift well!

Speaking of good gifters, Jason has recently purchased some great pieces of furniture for me.  However, he thought he still need to do something great for me.  He ordered pizza (the gift of no cooking with my tired back and legs!) and he gave me 12 Ichigo Daifuku.  This is my absolute new favorite.  It can make a bad day great.  And he brought home 007!  Awesome Valentine.

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Jen said...

Oh my, I have no words for this. I try to think my girls have no interest in boys yet, but I know I'm only fooling myself. You were a good sport about it all. And I suppose it's never too early to teach your boys how to treat a lady.