Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Underwater Basket Weaving

 photo Tych3.jpg
This one I made for my Mother for Christmas (yup, our yard in December)

Well, not really underwater.  I have taken up basket weaving.  It is a craft that I learned while here in Okinawa.  We joke that we don't usually see a Japanese woman under the age of 50 using the baskets, but those of us that have started weaving are totally hooked.  It is something different for most of us.  So far all of the bags I have made have been about the same size.  I usually figure they will be used as a church bag.  It can hold scriptures, lesson binder, I-pad, and a few other things.

 photo Tych2.jpg
One for my Mother-In-Law

 photo Tych1.jpg
One for my Sister

I am currently trying to decide on a bag for another sister and doing 5 Easter baskets for the 5 monkeys.


Katie said...

Those are AWESOME!!!

When you start taking orders, let me know:)

Jen said...

You made those! They are amazing, and I never would have guessed a human put those together. Your family is so lucky to receive those from you. If you ever come visit us here in SD, I'd love a basket-weaving class from you.