Sunday, November 2, 2008

Craft #4 - Jewelry

Amaze all the women on your Christmas list with jewelry made just for them - or make something just for you. You will learn a new skill, yeah!! Please post a comment and specify which piece you would like to make and how many.

Teacher Janalee Thorpe
Chose from the following: Please note - all metal used is hypoallergenic (if you want sterling silver contact Janalee Thorpe directly

Baby Bracelets: $4.00

There will be a variety of beads available to make a bracelet to match that special outfit in any of the versions shown - or create your own look.

Adult Bracelets: $9.00

Choose large glass beads or metal beads. All smaller beads provided will coordinate with the glass beads.

Necklace: $7.00

The large stone will vary and smaller beads will be provided to coordinate with the stone.

Earrings: $4.00


Katie L said...

I would love 2 baby bracelets... maybe more. I'll post again if I want more!

T & E's Blog said...

I'd like one baby bracelet.