Sunday, November 2, 2008

Super Saturday Crafts

The purposes of home, family, and personal enrichment are to strengthen faith in Jesus Christ and to teach parenting and homemaking skills.Enrichment is a time for sisters to socialize, learn, and be uplifted.

Please come to Super Saturday where you will be able to socialize, learn and be uplifted. You will learn new skills to help with homemaking. Crafts taught will help make our homes an enjoyable place to be, will help save money on gifts, and help point our family's to Jesus Christ.

Super Saturday

November 15, 2008
Milwaukee City Branch Building
10:00 am


Please Come!!! Nursery Provided (please leave a comment if you will be needing the Nursery)!
A Tentative Schedule (we will be flexible that day!!!)
9am - Prayer, Wood Pumpkins
10am - Primitive Santa and Candy Cane
11am - Exploding Box
Noon- Lunch
12:30pm - eat and listen to a mini lesson and be spiritually fed
1pm - Jewelry/Glass Etching
1:30pm - Scarf
2pm - Framed Quote/Finish up the rest of your projects.


Breanna and Tyson said...
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Breanna and Tyson said...

Thanks for the links! Excited to try the projects for myself. good luck with your super saturday!