Sunday, November 2, 2008

Craft #7: Glass Etching $1

Never loose a casserole dish again or make a wonderful gift for someone. You can also fill the casserole dish with a recipe and ingredients for an even better gift!! You Will Need to Bring a Casserole Dish (specify size) and gloves (check with med and dental students). Warning - the Etch Cream states that some Pyrex is not etchable - I etched mine fine, but just so you know. Please select a font in your comment and type the name you want etched (and remember you will be cutting your name out with an exacto knife, simpler might be best).Picture from


Matt, Chelsea & Isabel said...

I'll take:
9x13 "C. ROWAN" in Arial font
8x8 "C. ROWAN" in Arial font
8x8 "T. PORTER" in Arial font


Kristin and Guy said...

Hi Micah- I already signed up at church today, but just verifying that I'd like all 3 of my names (Leavitt, Mickelson, and Kempton) to be in the Brittanic font. All 9x13 pans. THANK YOU!

Echo said...

Hi Micah-
I signed up for just one, and I think I'll try the Brittanic font for "MERRELL" it will be a 9x13 dish. THanks!