Sunday, April 5, 2009


Since I begged, pleaded, and was lazy, Jayce did not have a Birthday Party last year. Every other year is adequate. Right?
We had an all Boy Mad Scientist Party!!

The invitation were swollen paper test tubes with the information on the back. I almost lost my mind and had the party for 3 hours instead of 2 (good thing I caught the typo).
Now keep in mind that I was raised all girls.

When the boys (14 total, counting Jayce and Grahm) arrived we made slime - or snot (you just use clear glue in the recipe). This of course meant that only half of the boys were listening or even in the room. The rest were playing Basketball.

Then we took the party to the backyard for some explosive fun. We used old plastic film canister and launched the lids. I asked questions and explained the science of it all - but they just wanted to see the "rockets".

You should ask boys what makes a rocket go if there is no fire. Interesting theories...
Back to my rocket story. So, I ordered everyone back. I put the Alkaseltzer tablet (only 1/2) into the canister and added the vinegar, snapped the lid on and sat it on the grass. The lid popped a few feet into the air - yeah it worked. They swarmed me to get their chance, they quickly complied and fell into an orderly line. I added the magic and snapped the lid on and handed it to the first boy. What did he do?

He stood in the middle of the lawn and held it - the same way I have seen crazy boys hold roman candles. I should have known. Before to long they were pointing them at each other. I should have known. Good news, only one boy ended up with vinegar in his eyes.

Next, we made a Soda Geyser. You dump a bunch of Mentos in Diet Coke (no sugar is good in this case) and watch in shoot out of the bottle about 20 feet. They even make a nifty little gadget for quickly dumping your Mentos into a 2 liter bottle. The boys of course liked this. I tried to keep them at a safe distance, but while we were patiently waiting for Jason to prepare the geysers (we did 3) they boys would race around and try to get closer to the mess.

Then, we headed back in and we made homemade Root Beer. First of all, who does not like homemade Root Beer and who does not like Dry Ice smoke? The boys were fascinated by it all, by this point had given up trying to explain the science behind it all.

We ate Radioactive Wraps (turkey, cheese, and lettuce on green tortillas), molecules (melon balls and grapes on toothpicks), Doritos, and Root Beer (in Erlenmeyer flasks). They actually ate, well not all of them - but they did...

We had cake in the shape of a Brain and we had ice cream. They played basketball and Jayce opened his presents randomly in spite of my request not to. He was completely spoiled and I was educated in what toys 7 year old boys like. Have you ever heard of Lego Power Miners?

Oh, and no Root Beer was spilled.


Kaleb and Abby Widmier said...

I am AMAZED at all you do! It was fun working with you this weekend..thanks for the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me... I am forever taking notes. You are SUCH a cool mom :)