Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Hunting We Will Go, A Hunting We Will Go!

(Title to be sung to Hi Ho the Dairy O!!)

Pointer for any one who wants cute pictures of you kids Easter Egg Hunting. Do not let them wear fall Earth tones. Charlotte looks very Springy (is that a word) in her green jacket. The boys are BLAHH!! And very posey (to be defined as overly posed)!

Will I ever get them to smile naturally - any pointers?

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Katie said...

I love it! You'll remember just how they were with your pics. Andy often tells me to stop posing the kids and to take pics of how they really are. His famous quote to me as I am crazily posing and snapping away "Do they always smile? NO! so just take pictures as they are." Your children are beautiful- and your photos reflect that perfectly :)