Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Eyes Are Bigger Than My Stomach (Or Something Like That!)

Do you ever think a project or an idea is going to be easy, take just a little time and come out perfect!  Oh - good, I thought it was just me.

Well I did it again.  Every time parent teacher conference time rolls around, we have a bake sale at his school.  I usually sign up to bring Oh! Henry Bars (glorified, peanut butter with chocolate rice krispy treats), but ooohh so easy and fast.  I had the brilliant idea, mostly because I did not have any rice krispies on hand, to make Cake Pops for the bake sale. 

I can make Cake Pops pretty darn fast, but I thought I would cutesie them up.  I would have to individually wrap them so they could be sold. 

This is going to be fun!!  Well it took lots longer than I thought and it didn't go as well as I had hoped.  The little white chocolate Fleur De Lis are too hard to do with any of the tips I had, so I did some with a toothpick.  After 10 (plus the 3 or so tests) I scraped that idea and went with white chocolate drizzles!

It was such a good idea!  Live and learn!

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KT said...

Super cute and yeah good luck with the fluer d lis thing..but they look good and like there a pain in the butt. Still can't find red velvet mix out here!