Monday, November 9, 2009

Charlotte's Bed Cont...

I know I said in a week and it has been lots more. So sorry. Why is the fall so busy?

Here is what we did to keep the wonderful patina that this bed came with.

1. We pressure washed it to remove loose paint and grime. We also gave it a good scrubbing. Someone had started to strip it in places which became more evident when we pressure washed it - but I still love it.

2. We let it dry and removed all the brass.

3. I then applied 4 coats of Zinnser Peel Stop. This product is supposed to stop peeling, flaking paint - so we are hoping rust, too.

4. I then sprayed 2 or 3 coats of a clear satin finish.

5. Then a week or so later we used an at home lead test kit and it came back clean.

We custom ordered a 3/4 mattress for her. We ordered the cheapest one we could (well - because she is little and it worked fine for the boys - they have comfy beds). Hers is awful - harder than the floor. We just purchased a memory foam topper for her - Much better!!

I do not like the bed in her room with the shelf. The shelf is too low for how high the headboard is. Jason is refusing to move it, since we are moving - yada yada yada. Once I threw some pink blankets on the foot of her bed and a pink pillow case to cover up some of the quilt she is using while I hunt down something perfect, it looks much better in the room.

Any suggestions?


John and Karisa said...

Looks nice! You guys have a knack for refurbishing things and making them look really cool. I didn't notice the shelves (or think anything about them) until you pointed them out-- and who knows, maybe someone will decide to buy your house this week and you won't have to worry about it anymore!

T & E's Blog said...

It's beautiful!!! It's like "Bedknobs and Broomsticks"!!!! It's magical!!