Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blogging Vacation Recap-2

Crazy Day!  At Jayce's school they have spirit week and there is theme for each day of the week.  Day 1 - Pajama Day (easy enough).  Day 2 - Dress Like a Twin (excuse me - but what does that mean).  Day 3 - Crazy Hair and Mixed up Clothes Day. Day 4 - School Colors (easy)

We ran into a glitch for Day 2.  I told Jayce on Day 1 to talk to someone at school about what they wanted to wear the next day to match (since this is how Jayce understood the day).  I told him I would prefer he work something out wearing what he already has - but if that could not be done that I would go and buy him the "Cracked Egg" Shirt at Target (since I knew that one of the boys had it).  Of course this is what they decided to do, so I sent Jason on his way home from work.  He couldn't find it.  Jayce didn't believe him, I said after dinner we would go to another Target and look.  We couldn't find it.  So we called the other boy and they worked something out - yeah.  When Jayce came home he told me that their other friend had found the shirt (that was the first I had heard of a third child - oops).

Day 3 - Was fun, I tried to make him look super mixed up.  How do you do that with a boys wardrobe.  Their wardrobe is designed to mix and match, they don't usually have stripes and plaids to clash. 
We put red and blue spikes in his hair (before we go to Japan I am buying all the colors!!).  T-shirt inside out - one arm rolled to expose Pink Striped Arm Warmer, Neck Tie, Pants - one leg rolled to expose Dad's Black Dress Sock, Basket Ball Shorts - and there you have it!!

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Katie said...

the hair tops it all! Have you seen the new Alice in Wonderland...?