Monday, March 29, 2010

Blogging Vacation Recap - 4

We spent two weekends at Country Springs Hotel!  They have an indoor water park and I could pretend it was summer.  It was nice and warm inside, it snowed one of the days (so it was nice not to witness the flurries).  The kids loved every minute of it. 

The boys on our first trip it took them a little while and for Grahm some serious coaxing to try the slides. However, once they did it we didn't see them again until bedtime!!  The park is not too large inside, so we didn't feel like we needed to be with the boys every second.

Charlotte is a suicidal fish.  She will jump in, walk off the benches, lunge for anyone out deeper, and anything else a 2 year old should not be doing!!  Sometimes she would get a little water and she would still be laughing and repeat whatever crazy move she had just done.  It is fun, since the boys are more cautious in the water.  Her craziness even got me to do more than dangle my legs in!

Sorry, no pictures!

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KT said...

Sooooo jealous we dont have any in Idaho where we actually need indoor waterparks...even during the summer!