Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pantry Salsa

Per my sisters request I am posting a Salsa Recipe.  This is not the best Salsa in the world, but that has no stopped me from devouring several bowlfuls while waiting for my dinner to be served.  This is from a restaurant that I worked for while in college.  We would make this salsa in a 5 gallon bucket and use a giant Thunderstick, so I only remember ingredients.  As my sister and I tweak this recipe we will add amounts.

This salsa can be made with ingredients from your food storage or pantry!!  And don't lie to yourself, if you ever have the "opportunity" to live off your food storage at some point you are going to crave Salsa!!

The Ingredients:
Canned Tomatoes
Onion - 1/2 to 1 small sized.
Jalepenos - 3-4 slices and maybe a little juice
Garlic Salt (or Garlic and Salt) - 1/2tsp+ Garlic, 3/4tsp+ Salt

Start dumping ingredients into your blender!

No need to chop your onions!
Add Jalepenos, Salt and Garlic (start with a small amount and increase as needed  - be sure to taste on a chip, since the chips have salt).
Blend Away!!  You could just simply chop up the ingredients by hand and have a fresh salsa look!
Serve on Tortilla Corn Chips!!  Yummy!

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KT said...

Thankyou I'll be making this tomorrow since I finally bought some canned tomatoes...I know I should have tomatoes but had run out the night I bugged you for the receipe. Love you