Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter/Spring Decorations

I know this is a little slow getting posted - but I have good excuses!!

My friend Shalet introduced me to paper covered eggs and I couldn't resist making some for myself.  Since I made them I have seen even more of them in the blogging world.  There are several great tutorials out there.

I made my own Mossy Balls (hehe).  They are super easy and add great color and texture.

What you need:
A bag of Moss - I picked mine up at Michales, the dark green came in mats and the light green was bits of spongy fun.
Styrofoam balls
Hot Glue

For the dark green Mossy Balls, I put glue on the backside of the moss and pushed it around my foam ball.  If it overlapped, I tore it (if you trim it, you get a line that is noticeable).  Then I tore off pieces to fit in where needed until the entire thing was covered.

For the light green Mossy Balls, I put glue on the styrofoam ball and just added chunks of moss.  Since it was really fluffy - I really tried to press it flat.

Super easy and fun!!

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Lynn said...

hey i luv those eggs!!! i'm gonna miss your craftiness when you leave!