Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Loot, The Dinner, and The Cake!

We made Jayce wait until the night after his Birthday to open presents and eat his dinner and cake.  We were waiting for Jason to  be home.
The Loot included:  Money, clothes, Percy Jackson and the Last Olympians figurines, The Didj, Didj games, Nerf Gun, Harmonica lesson book, and a Ripstick.

Based on the facial expressions - I don't think he was too disappointed!!
We sent him on an errand to our room and that is when he found the Ripstick!  I think he was surpirsed.

On the Birthday boy dinner menu:
Ribs (we finally are figuring out how to cook them, go here (scroll down a bit)).
Crunchy skinned baked potatoes

Needless to say after that feast Jason and I were very stuffed.  So we did not complain that kids were completely distracted with new toys and did not mention cake until we were tucking them in bed.  I have to agree, I think that makes us the meanest parents on the planet.  Jayce was not upset, the idea of Dirt Dessert for Breakfast kept him happy!

Happy Birthday Jayce!  We are so proud of the boy you have become.  You are smart, strong willed, and have a strong desire to make good choices and to make other happy!  We love you!

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