Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Knotty Fairy Adventures!

Every single night poor Charlotte is visited by the Knotty Fairy, cousin to the Tooth Fairy.  The Knotty Fairy sneaks into your bedroom late at night and plays in your hair while you sleep.  I have not decided if she is harmless or actually enjoys the mischief.  Either way she loves Charlotte's hair!  Do I hear the beginnings of a story here?  Wait and see!

Tears to Follow!!!


Katie said...

The knotty fairy visits Cassidy while she is in her car seat! You should see the "mat" of knots she had after a 4 hour drive up north!

Jen said...

The same fairy visits my girls' bedroom each night, too. She spends an extra amount of time on Mimi's hair especially so much so that we have dreadlocks most mornings. Grrr!