Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pregnancy and Moving Don't Mix

Pregnancy is hard enough (and wonderful) all by itself.  It is hard on your body physically, then add in hauling boxes down a flight of stairs - some of them too heavy for a pregnant body.  I think this accounts for my ferocious appetite.  I am guessing my Dr is going to make a too much weight gain comment (if your Dr has done this you know what I mean, if not you are very lucky - I have had 2 Dr.s comment on excessive weight gain).  Toss in late nights trying to get it all done, early mornings to take care of the 3 bored (all their toys are boxed up) and energetic children  - and lets just say every day it gets a little harder.

And this is not even throwing in the emotional part of it all.  Pregnancy brings its own fun bag of emotions (hormones - whatever!) and then add in moving.  Phew - it can be a bit crazy and challenging to deal with the emotions and me.  For instance if for a moment thoughts of friends that have left and those being left behind sneak into my thoughts I have to take a minute.  Today I walked into an almost empty attic and just about lost it.  I love my attic - it was what completely sold me on this house! 

I am tired physically and emotionally!  Yet the challenge of getting it all done and getting my family on to the next stage keeps me going and enjoying it  - well, for the most part!!

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Tim and Sara said...

Having seen you pregnant for now 2 of your 4 pregnancies, I can't believe you've had doctors make weight gain comments to you! I think you look great, and I was always amazed when you were pregnant with Charlotte and I'd see you walk into church on the cutest, highest heels ever! Boo on those are handling A LOT right now, and I really do think that you always look gorgeous.