Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To a Wonderful 10 years!

(Best looking man alive!!)
I can hardly believe that 10 years ago today I married the greatest man ever.  He is perfect for me in every way.  He is all that I need to keep me sane and going each day.  When he comes home to a worn out wife and wild kids, he gives me an extra long hug and then we work together for the rest of the evening and by bedtime I am good to go for another day.  What would I do with out him?

What we have done together in the past 10 years:
5 moves (about to embark on #6 - 5 years ago we were just as deep in move #5).
3 children (and 1 more on the way)
Jason's Undergrad classes
Dental Degree
Part of my Masters classes
3 years enlisted in the Navy
Commissioned an Officer in the Navy
Officer Candidate School
Completely rennovated a house
Refinished and built more furniture than I can keep track of
and so much more!

Jason, I love you!

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