Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Signing Off

The movers will be here tomorrow to take my computer, so this will be my last post for awhile.

We have been super busy getting everything ready to go to Japan, Idaho, Utah, and Storage. 

We did have one special event that I thought I would share as my parting post.  Father's Day was extra special - we spent 4 hours in the ER.

While I was cleaning up from a yummy Father's Day dinner, Jason was taking out the trash - and the kids... we bouncing on the blow-up mattress upstairs (after having been told several times, not to indulge in such activities).  From what we gathered, Charlotte got a little extra bounce and her chin hit the hardwood floor.  I hear her crying and was ignoring it.  She cries a lot, especially when her 2 big brothers are involved.  Then I hear Jayce telling her she had better go see me, the little flag went off and I met her at the top of the stairs.  Her chin was bleeding profusely.  I didn't even try and look at it really good (I have some experience with chin injuries, they always need stitches). 

I told the boys to get their shoes (I found out later that Grahm thought I was kicking them out to the street).  I grabbed a paper towel for the blood, met Jason on the front steps and informed him of our family outing.  He held Charlotte while I made sure we had the appropriate insurance information and off we headed.  By this time she had stopped crying and it had stopped bleeding!!  We were admitted at 6:45pm and 4 hours later and 7 stitches later we were on our way home!

She was so tough, she hardly cried at all.  I asked every nurse I talked to that I wanted someone good at stitches, so what did we get?  A resident, who even I could tell she didn't have a clue how to suture (no offense to any of my favorite residents out there).  I hope it heals pretty, I was willing to take her to a plastic surgeon - I told them I wanted it pretty.  I am still angry about it.

At one point while she was being sutured she was tearing up a little and said she was not a big girl, because big girls don't cry.

Now she is twins with her mom!!

I will post again in a month or so - from JAPAN!!


Jen said...

Oh, no! Poor Charlotte. I'm glad to see she wanted to be a big girl about the whole ordeal. What a trooper. I hope it heals nicely.

I'm so sad that you guys will be leaving so soon:( I really wish the best to you guys on your travels and in Japan. Please keep in touch especially about your crafty endeavors. Good luck!

Katie said...

Poor girl! I kinda re-lived Lucy's stitches from a year ago thru poor Lottie's story. I miss you- we were in So. Padre but I thought of you because I knew you were moving... it makes me so sad to think about all of my friends scattering over the world. Best of luck with the move over-seas! I'll be checking for updates.
Love ya!!