Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Story I Forgot to Share.

After my Mom and sister returned home Jason was left to take care of all of us as I continued to recover and adjust.  One night he decided to cook bratz and french fries, but he wanted real fresh fries (not the ones you bake in the oven).  So he set about preparing dinner while I nursed and rocked a fussy Tennyson.  Things were going well and it would soon be time to eat.  I happened to be walking by the Kitchen when I noticed flames!!  I had never seen a grease fire or for that matter a kitchen fire.  Jason had fried several batches of fries already, but when he added this batch the extra moisture in the Japanese potatoes caused the grease to bubble up and out.  He grabbed the flour and used it to smother the fire.  It took a lot of flour!

By this time of night Jason was already tired from taking care of everyone.  I felt so bad, it took an hour or more to clean up all the flour that was burnt on to the burner, drip pan and stove. 

I had to share, mostly to keep him humble - he thinks he is a better cook than I am.

****The fire alarm never went off.  We tested it and it works, I guess it needs to have a fire beyond our ability to control before it goes off.****

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Mike said...

A grease fire, sweet! I have had many of those, just not in the kitchen. I like to use my oil sludge from the truck to "stoke" the outside fire when I am burning brush and stuff. It really adds some horsepower to a firepit. Good for Jason for putting it out though. I wouldnt want one in my kitchen.