Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Quilt - aka The Beast

It is finally all pieced together.  I hope to never do it again (but I will).  I hate it, I hope a little absence will make the heart grow fonder.  It is in the mail to get machine quilted and maybe when it gets back I will like it.  It is just too busy for me.  Maybe if I put some solid pillows on the bed and a solid aqua throw or something...  (share your solutions please).

All folded up because 63 squares is too much to take in.


Katie said...

I think it is beautiful! Like you said... some solid aqua and reddish pillows, perhaps a throw, and then play down the rest of the room, with a few accents and it will rock your room just like Tennyson rocks that ruffly dress.
Miss you and and all your craftiness!

and I wanna see pics when it is done:)

Jen said...

I think it turned out lovely, but then I love bright and busy patterns. I think as long as you limit the funky patterns to a small bit of the decor, it can look beautiful. I tend to do the busy patterns on the Roman shades and then have solid colors elsewhere in the room.