Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I guess this post is going to qualify me as "vintage".
This is me in a dress my Grandma Jones gave me.  I am around 1-2 months old and being held up by someones hand beneath a shag rug (thus the extra round face).  My mom saved this dress and it was used on dolls and such, but is now mine.  So...

Tennyson thought it would be fun to model a funny ruffly vintage dress.  She totally rocks it.  I hope it gets warm enough that we can wear it to church.

I need to get the picure of my Mom with the curl on top, I think Tennyson looks like her in that picture.


Shalet said...

She's so cute!!!

Jen said...

Sweet dress for a sweet baby. She looks darling. It was so nice of your mom to save it for your daughter(s) one day.