Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Road Trip to the Tip

Saturday afternoon we loaded up in the car to check out some beaches and eat some food.  We headed north. 

For lunch we stopped at a small restaurant, there were no pictures and nothing in English.  I was tempted to just order the first 4 things on the menu.  When the cook came over we offered some English - "chicken"   - he went and asked another table if he could borrow their meal.  He showed us the dish and I ordered 3.  Jason was not about to eat chicken.  So we grilled the boys about how to say beef or cow, since the Chef did not understand.  Jayce told us how to say Pig.  Jason used his new found Japanese vocabulary and the waitress said "curry?"  Jason was able to enjoy Pork Curry.  Grahm and Charlotte chose to sit at the Japanese dining tables (I prefer to sit at the American tables when I have Tennyson on my lap).  Their boosters seats have toy squeakers in them.  Not a good idea if you want my kids to sit quietly.

We stopped at a couple of beaches to collect shells.  At one beach my boys decided to "make sea glass."  They had to get back in the car and didn't seem to think that it was a big deal.  Charlotte missed her nap so at on point she ran her nose right into a guard rail, I think she fell 100 times and in general was teary.  She really likes the beach and enjoyed every minute of it. 

At Cape Hedo there was several plaques and the only English that I saw had to do with peace.  It is too bad we can't read, I am sure we would have gotten more out of our trip had we understood the significance of the monuments.

Jason always takes pictures of the area and things. 
We saw a whale and Jason tried to catch it on film.

There is an endangered bird on the island called Yanbaru Kuina .  They have a building at Cape Hedo that is this bird.  We wound our way up a steep little road to get to it.  Then climbed stairs.

As we drove around we ended up in some very small villages tucked on the side of a "mountain."  We drove through several tunnels, 1 was 1km long.

We finally IDed a Pineapple growing wild.


Katie said...

So neat-- What neat adventures you get take! Love getting your updates and seeing what you are up to. The kids are looking so old! Miss you:)

KT said...

Super fun ! I love hearing about your fun adventures especially when the language barrier is there. Miss you and the pictures of tennyson really bugged me that I haven't got to see her in real life yet

Jen said...

What an awesome place to visit. And to see a whale, too, something your kids will remember for a lifetime.