Monday, March 14, 2011

More info!

I hope this map helps everyone to better understand where we are in relation to the Earthquake Epicenter (Orange square) and all of the Tsunami damage.  We are located in the bottom left corner of this map.  The large island at the very bottom is Okinawa.  We are about 1,130 miles from Tokyo.  That is why we didn't feel the earthquake or get the major part of the tsunami waves.

We did have some friends that were evacuated during all the Tsunami warnings.  We still have not heard any reports of damage to anyone here.  It is hard to follow local news, it is in Japanese!  CNN is our source of information and when the base releases any official warnings or information (which is minimal).


Shalet said...

We're sooooo glad to hear that you're okay and it didn't make it down as far as you are. It's just so devastating looking at the pictures and what happened. Anyway, glad you're all safe.

Heidi Boyle said...

Hello, Jason and Micah! We wanted to let you know we are thinking of you guys. Happy to know from your posts that you guys are okay. We need to catch up soon. Maybe we can skype? Love your blog. Your kids are growing up- they are all adorable. Your new baby girl is precious. We miss you guys!

Jackie said...

I'm so glad you guys are safe and sound! Been thinking of you with all this going on, so thank you for posting to let us know you are well. I love seeing all your Japanese adventures! Miss you, Friend!