Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tennysons First Shoes

For those that I have made baby shoes for, you are probably surprised that Tennyson is almost 6 months old and I have not made her a pair.  So I decided I had better fix that.  I made these cream colored ones really quick.  Now that I have a baby to wear them, I have already noticed some design changes that I need to make (those of you that had some from me - please tell me what you wished I would have done differently).

 I was in a hurry and hadn't turned these very good  - excuse the points and bumps.


Katie said...

so cute! I am working on a blog book and was doing some editing when I came across a picture of the shoes you made for Cass (way too long ago)... soo adorable. The only thing I remember that I might try to add was a little elastic on the heal to help it stay on a little better. Good luck!

KT said...

The only mistake you made was not providing a tutorial for your sister to learn how to make some...last time attic was too big but sailor could wear some if you teach me SOON

Shalet said...

I think they are so cute! Great job.