Friday, April 1, 2011

Date Night - out in Okinawa

Last week Jason and I had a babysitter so we decided to get dinner and try out a restaurant.  The atmosphere was cool (except the unedited rap music - why do the Japanese like rap?). 

These are the booths in the back. 

You take your shoes off at the restaurant.  When we got to our booth we thought ww were going to be sitting cross legged on the floor, but after you crawl in there is a hole under the table for your legs.

This flower booth was really cool.

Here we are in our booth.

We ordered several dishes off the menu. 

We tried an Okinawan pancake - it reminded me of a crepe, except with seaweed in it, mayo and another sauce on top and topped with fish flakes. 

We had garlic fried rice.  Sushi - Tuna.  Some pasta. 

We also had an assortment of skewers.  They consisted of pork belly (bacon without the cure), chicken, chicken skin, mushrooms, chicken gizzards, quail eggs wrapped in bacon, and another one we weren't sure -  pork we think.

My favorite part of the night is when Jason asks them a question and the say something that we don't really understand.  They then look at me hoping I understood and my expression is no better.  I look at Jason and then we both nod at them so they will think we got it.  Then Jason repeats the process with the next person who comes to our table.


Mike said...

Looks like you guys had lots of fun, getting a baby sitter is sooooo nice. Did Jason get chicken? Tell Jason I got a Springfield arms XDm .45 and that today is Fairs last day, he ships on monday.
Miss you guys, the girls still ask about the boys (especially Mimi).

Katie said...

Fun!Love the booth's you get to sit in. The best we get in Rhinelander is China Buffet!

T & E's Blog said...

Reading your blog made me miss you!