Monday, April 4, 2011

Jersey Fabric Headband


I saw this super cute bracelet and tutorial over at V and Co.  Vanessa is super fun and creative.  Her video tutorial is so cute, she is real and juggles it all including her daughter's potty break in the middle of it.  When she first posted her tutorial she said she thought this bracelet would be the perfect beach accessory.  You wouldn't have to care if it got wet or ruined.  They are super easy to make.

I immediately thought of a headband to keep the stragglers out of my face while I am pool side or swimming in the ocean.  I just made it longer, not enough for all the way around, I wanted it to be tight and use some stretch.  I like a little bit of tails, too.  Now I need to find some knit that matches my swimsuits.  I used old T-shirts to make mine.  The headband would be cute with a flower clipped on it.  Using a patterned knit would also be fun, I tried a stripe out for fun.

(My strips from this old shirt were too short for the 4 finger version, too many knots - but at least I have an idea for how a stripe will look)

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KT said...

super Cute these will be great for girls camp! thanks for the idea