Monday, April 25, 2011

A Promise

Spring Break is bittersweet.  It is nice to finally get a break from school and schedules, but not so sweet because it is too short.  It is a promise of lazy summer days to come. 

I know that some politicians believe that our kids should go to school year round, I think that is ridiculous.  I have heard that we only want to keep summer vacations because we romanticize about lazy summer days.  I think those politicians need to visit some of our houses during the summer.  They are the opposite of lazy.  Summer is a time for a different type of education.  They still have a structure and a schedule.  It is an education that our society needs.  Our responsibilities inside the 4 walls of our homes are more important than any outside those walls.  We work together getting jobs done around the house, they learn work before play, they learn to get along again, they learn about how to keep a successful home going (compromise, kindness, patience, work, fun, etc...) and so much more.  If they are ever bored during the summer, they get to learn to be creative.

I know that it would be more convenient for families that have working parents if school was year round, but it should not be mandatory.  School is very important, teachers should be better compensated for the work they do.  However; school can not teach my children to be successful adults, it can only provide them with a portion of the tools they need.

What do you think about year round school?

I promise to explore, swim, jump, run, clean, mow, weed, nap, picnic, learn, create, bake, build, sew, and be bored with my kids in a few more weeks.

Sorry about the rant.


Jen said...

I'm on the fence about all year school. My girls are SOOO energetic that I'm ready to have them back in school after the first week of summer break. When we lived in SC, the school district there had all year school where they did 6 weeks in school and then a 3 week break. I think they worked it out so that all the holidays were covered in the breaks. I'm not sure if they even do it anymore, but I kind of liked the idea of getting 3 weeks off throughout the school year in order to plan vacations during the yucky months, too and not just during the typical vacations during summers, holidays, spring breaks.

Micah C said...


That makes sense, too. I have been trying to figure out when to go back to the states. We want to enjoy the beach season here, but the rest of the year the kids are in school. What to do...

Anonymous said...

I can see how year round school could help many kids who fall behind each summer because they aren't receiving that "different kind of education."

But for my family, our life is most splendid and full in the lazy months of summer.

I do like some year round schedules I've seen, though- two weeks off here and there, with longer breaks for summer and Christmas...