Monday, July 18, 2011


Kicking it at the end.  Go Jayce!

On Saturday, Jason's group sponsored a 5K run to raise money for the Wounded Warrior fund.  Jason has been busy getting ready for the event for awhile.  Jason was in charge of a section of the course (road guards and water station) so he could not run.  Jayce decided he wanted to run.  It has been fun watching Jason and him train (albeit not much).  Jayce really wanted to win in his age category.  Unfortunately, since this is the first year (a new annual event) they only broke the runners into 2 category's - over 30 and under 30.
He was a little nervous before the run started, we found someone else who was running that was willing to run the race with Jayce.  She was not there when we got there and Jayce did not rest easy until his running partner was there.  He looked like he had fun and finished the race with a kick and a time of 34:??minutes. He is excited to run another race with his Dad.

Before the Race.

 A shirt made as requested by Jayce and Jason (My Dad participated in a triathlon and my Mom made him a shirt like this).


Waiting for the speeches to begin and then finally the race.

Passing us and looking strong.

After it was all over, still smiling!!

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KT said...

Growing up way to quick! Very Cool Jayce super proud of you!