Monday, July 4, 2011

Thanks to All Who Serve!

Happy Fourth of July!  I love this holiday.

As Jason and the kids left me feeding Tennyson, I told them that they would have to share a bag of cotton candy.  They came back and gloated and flaunted their huge individual bags of refined sugar.  I thought I was married to a Dentist.  They did not share my instructions with their Dad (I guess they learn quick).  We went and checked our Amerifest, it was lots of food booths (with over priced tasteless food, not even the funnel cakes where good), and carnival games.  The kids where not very cooperative so we skipped looking at all the aircraft they had on display (maybe next year).  They had some bands playing, too -but we left and went to a softball game.

The kids love having color in their hair, so we did not pass up an excuse.

A little kiss to pass the time.

We also watched fireworks and they were nice and loud.  Tennyson was a little unsure, but managed to let us watch.  We spent the 4th at a beach enjoying the sun, friends and food.

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