Friday, July 29, 2011

Jason finally took some time off. *****EDIT*****

Last week we took our family to Okuma.  Okuma is a beach resort of sorts.  It is supposedly loads of fun.  Supposedly, you ask?  Another typhoon passed by the island over the weekend before we were to vacation.  We decided to be cautious and changed our plans from Mon-Wed to Tues-Thurs.  We were smart, but not smart enough.  The seas were still rough until Thurs evening.  When the seas are rough you are not allowed to swim.

The first night we had reserved a cabin, which has a full size bed and a set of bunk beds.  We arrived late and we chased the waves a little in our clothes (lost on action figure to the rising tide).  The most fun that night was the hour it took to get the sleeping arrangements figured out.  Both boys on the top, all three on the top, all three on the bottom, I want to sleep with mom, I want to sleep with Dad, Tennyson would not settle enough to sleep in the pack in play.  It finally ended with Jason and Charlotte on the top bunk (he is crazy), Jayce on the bottom (and miserable to be alone), Grahm, Mom, and Tennyson on the full.  I chuckled as I finally dozed.

The next morning we realized we could not go swimming.  The beach was mostly empty, but the lifeguards let us explore and play a little in the surf.  At noon we were told no getting wet at all.  The kids tried out Go Kart Racing to beat the afternoon boredom.  After dinner we went back to the beach and really played in the water until dark  - the best part of the whole trip.  That night we were in a suite (hotel room).  This was much easier - Private bathroom - need I say more.  Jason and I even watched a movie after the kids went to sleep.

****EDIT****  Totally forgot - a 5.4 earthquake woke Jason and I up at about 4:20am local time.  It was a wierd swaying motion - beds do not move like that - it felt like we were on water.  Kind of cool and scary (we both thought about a Tsunami, checked the TV and ended up going back to sleep for a few hours).  I guess not big enough or located where it did much at all.

The next morning same story - no swimming.  So we played as much as we could hoping they would clear it for swimming and finally called it quits and left.  They cleared it 2 hours later.

I loved it and can't wait to go back and really get to play - you can rent jet skis, banana boat rides, para-sailing, etc...

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