Thursday, June 30, 2011

More excuses

Okay, I thought I was going to get some pictures posted last week.  I do have some good excuses.  Swim lessons and a baby don't mix well (she misses a nap every day), baby has not felt well (only a few hours of fitful sleep last night - no temp or any way to diagnose the problem), I have been reading Raising Cain (very insightful - probably an annual re-read), couldn't get my latest pictures to load, and we made "the switch" (we are Mac users now - and I have been slow to sit down and get everything moved and loaded).

So any way - pics...

too cool to get in the splash pool for pics, but demonstrated swimming without prompting.  

It has been so much fun watching them improve their swimming skills.  Tennyson is a little brown bear from 2 weeks in the sun (sunscreen, hats, shade, long sleeves when I could) as are the rest of them.  Hopefully we can have fun in the water without me having to be in 4 places at the same time.

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