Thursday, June 16, 2011

End of Year Teacher Gifts

Lucky for us (I guess), school just ended today.  So, I had plenty of time to see all the great ideas for Teacher gifts.  Here is what we gave to our teachers this year.

I saw these cute boxes on Shalet's blog.  She has a knack for finding lots of cute projects out there.

I stumbled across these book shapes (I am looking forward to a fall pumpkin or maybe a pineapple, hmmm).  The tutorial can be found here at CheekyMagpie.  I like using old mini-boden catalogs for this project, the colored pages brighten it up.  The black and white version is classic.  So easy and fun to make.

This is what I did differently for this  - I used course sand paper and sanded the edges to smooth them (be careful or you can tear pages).


Shalet said...

I love that! Soooo cute. Let me know when you do the pumpkin or pineapple! Miss, miss, miss you.

Anonymous said...

That looks amazingly awesome! I am in 4H and i am always looking for projecs to do, and if it would be ok with you i would like to try this! But i have no idea how to make it.

Micah C said...

4H is awesome! If you click on Cheekymagpie, it is a link to her tutorial. It is easy to follow. If you have any more questions about it, let me know. Thanks

Micah C said...

Sorry, maybe that was unclear - too. The word cheekymagpie in the post is the link to the detailed tutorial