Thursday, June 23, 2011

MIA and a new lesson.

Sorry I have been MIA.  First week of summer and it has been full.  We have swimming lessons in the morning - so I spend all morning getting 4 kids ready and out the door on time.  Early this week Jason was without a car, so that occupied my afternoons.  So the last few days in the afternoon we have been catching up on naps, laundry, and such.  Pics tomorrow.

We learned a new lesson.  Do not eat Mexican food on a small island in Japan.  It was not awful.  It was over priced and blah.  Mexican food is cheap and yummy.  This was neither.  The plate of chips and salsa had a handful of chips and small salsa for 450 yen (the yen rate is 78 yen to the dollar - so add 20%).  A plate of nachos was 1000 yen (about $12).  So we learned our lesson.  I cook better Mexican food and it is cheaper.  I guess we will be eating tons of Mexican food when we visit the states.

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